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Dear Jim,

I’m attaching three (3) Document(s) which will consist of TestingTesting’s Proposal, (including an estimate of expenses), a list of amendments or questions regarding the Contract Rider, and a brief description of how a TestingTesting Live Audio show (from a venue other than the typical weekly TestingTesting on Monday nights) might work.

We also have some questions we need clarified in Christine Lavin’s Rider.

After you read it, and if Christine is interested, we can finalize things and then FAX any documents to you that require our signature.

Thank you for your help and attention! I hope that we can work this show
out...as I said before, I think it will be a dynamic and magical evening!



Regarding CONTRACT RIDER a/o 7/17/98 for TestingTesting Presenting Christine Lavin, at 7:30 on Tuesday, 09-Nov-1999 at the Langley High School Auditorium, Whidbey Island Washington.

Item 3: The TestingTesting House Band, consisting of Steve Showell, Joanne Rouse and Derek Parrot will be open the concert and will play less than 20 minutes.

3. In all headline situations,other acts on the bill must be approved by ARTIST'S AGENT prior to confirmation of supporting act. If approved, the opening act will perform a maximum of 20 minutes, including encore. Any changes to this must be approved by ARTIST'S AGENCY.

Item 4: We would like to know in advance, so we can prepare properly, how many people will be with Christine, or will she be on her own?

4. PRESENTER will provide a comfortable and private dressing room for adequate use by three (3) people. This room shall be clean, dry, well-lighted, heated and/or air conditioned. It shall contain at least three chairs, two cotton towels, and shall be within easy access to clean lavatories which are supplied with soap, toilet tissue, and paper towels. These lavatories shall be closed to the general public and house staff. Access to an iron and ironing board is also requested. PRESENTER shall be solely responsible for the security of items in the dressing area. *Due to the usual difficulty in finding time to go out for refreshments during preconcert preparations, the following refreshments shall be made available UPON ARTIST'S ARRIVAL in quantity sufficient for three people: fresh coffee, tea, fresh fruit, assorted sandwiches or deli tray with turkey, cheese, roast beef, ham and other condiments including mustard; whole wheat bread; tossed salad with dressing on the side; a hot homemade type (clear broth) vegetable soup; non-carbonated fruit juices (apple and cranberry), assorted sodas. Please do not remove food until at least one hour following show.*

Item 5: Regarding the set up of the stage, and the sound system in particular, please note that for a TestingTesting show, (See the attachement "TestingTesting - The Show" that explains the technical why of this.) both the Sound Board and Operator, along with Gordy Coale the “virtual MC” will be on stage, stage to the left or right of Christine, visible, and integral, but not intrusive on Christine’s space. [We also have a photographer who takes digital photos of the show (without a flash for the archive show page). Attached are some sample photos of a similar set up from the God’s of Mongrel Folk show earlier this year.] Zoe - I would remove the sentences in [] since this section should be mentioned in Item 14. Also, Robbie and I will be stage right - She will be coming in from stage left which is the most direct line from the dressing roms.

5. PRESENTER will supply a first-class sound system, along with professional operator, including:

1) One (1) professional quality (not a home system) CD player wired into sound board. Portable CD players and disc changers are not acceptable. This machine will be used during performance, as well as for pre- and post-concert music. ARTIST will supply pre-concert, intermission, and post-concert CD's to be played.
2) One (1) high quality mixing board, minimum of eight (8) channels, with a separate monitor mix and phantom power. Mixing board must be set up at least twenty (20) feet in front of stage (measuring from center of stage).
3) One (1) vocal mic (Shure SM58 or comparable) on boom stand (for audience participation). ARTIST supplies her own wireless mics for her guitar and vocals.

4) One (1) direct input (guitar) box.

5) Two (2) on-stage floor monitors with reverb and EQ (JBL Component or Electro Voice with 12" speaker and high frequency horn).

6) One (1) grounded 20 amp quad box located on stage. ARTIST requires a stage area of at least 16' x 12' depth for her exclusive use.

6. PRESENTER shall provide professional stage lighting and an operator. ARTIST shall have sole and absolute authority in controlling or directing the control of all lighting equipment including:

1) Three (3) color general (front/side) wash with pinks, lavender, and warm tones with a few ellipsoidals to allow for more intimate songs (6' circle).
2) Full stage backwash with red, amber and blues that allows for 15' over ARTIST'S head (i.e. four 1,000 watt).

3) Stage lighting must be separate from house lighting.

4) One (1) follow spot and operator. The spot will be used to follow ARTIST on stage as well as into the audience.

7. Adequate electrical service and electrical facilities to be installed in advance by licensed electricians in accordance with the standards of the community.

8. ARTIST requires one (1) stage hand to be available during set-up and breakdown. Access to performance hall is requested four (4) hours prior to performance, and the stage hand is asked to assist ARTIST with load-in and load-out.

9. PRESENTER will supply one small table or stool on stage, along with a glass of non-carbonated water (please, no ice).

10. A SOUND CHECK will be required on the day of the show after the stage is set and all equipment is in operation. Sound check shall occur prior to the opening of the house and approximately two (2) hours prior to showtime. Sound check should take no more that 1-1/2 hours. Lighting operator should be present as well.

Item 11: Please advise as to whether you want us to meet her and take her to the island, or whether Christine would prefer to drive herself and we’ll get the necessary directions to her, or any combination of above, such as we meet her at either the Clinton or Mukilteo side of the ferry. Zoe- I would suggest that we pick her up and provide the transportation. I could do it in the Jeep if you aren't up to it. Or we both could do it or what? If she wants to do otherwise shw could.

11. If applicable, PRESENTER agrees to provide ground transportation to and from nearest airport for ARTIST.

Item 12: Is this something Christine wants for this concert? Will she be willing or able to autograph purchased CDs? zoe - I would ask "What is a "meet & greet"? Is this done in conjunction with CD sales where she could do autographs?"

12. PRESENTER shall make arrangements for ARTIST to "meet & greet" after performance.

Item 13: We have a lovely room picked out for Christine at Whidbey Inn in the center of Langley. Although there is no room service, it’s easy walking to good food. And, the rooms overlook the Sound, with views of the Cascades, and is very quiet and restful. Zoe - You can probably delete the line about room service. There is a breakfast - "A full breakfast is brought to your room in the morning in a large basket to enjoy there or out on the deck: freshly ground coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, homemade muffins and croissants, and an egg dish." I talked to Mynda. She is quitting and Thursday will be her last day but she said she would give us a gift certificate. She is going to The Boatyard Inn which she says needs a new web site.

13. If PRESENTER is responsible for providing lodging, reservations shall be made at a first-class hotel located out of airplane flight paths. The hotel should have room service. Room should be located on the highest floor and as far away from street noise as possible. Please note: Private homes and Bed & Breakfasts accommodations are not suitable.

Item 14: Per our previous discussion, and as mentioned in attached information about TestingTesting, we will be recording the performance to a DAT tape which will be later be archived on the TestingTesting archive site. (See the attachement "TestingTesting - The Show" that explains the details of this.) This is *NOT* downloadable. Also, we will be simultaneously transmitting the live performance on the Internet. One can not download this audio either. We also have a photographer who takes digital photos of the show (without a flash for the archive show page). Attached are some sample photos of a similar set up from the God’s of Mongrel Folk show earlier this year. Also , as mention in the "TestingTesting - The Show" attachement, we would like to videotape the show for an approximately 5 minute RealVideo segment for the TestingTesting archive show page of the show.

14. REPRODUCTION OF PERFORMANCES: No radio apparatus or transmitting or recording device, specifically including motion pictures, video tape or television shall be used during the performance in any manner or form to reproduce the ARTIST's performance without the prior written consent of the ARTIST or ARTIST'S AGENCY.

Item 15: Would it be acceptable to Christine to also sell Derek Parrot’s (soon to be released) CD? He is one of the TestingTesting House Band who will be doing warm up for her.  Zoe - Change "Christine" to "us", since we are the one doing the sales, and it should just be "Derek Parrott's CDs" since he wuold want to sell the other ones to.

15. INCIDENTAL SALES: PRESENTER shall provide one (1) eight (8) foot table for exclusive use by ARTIST for selling CD's and tapes. Sales will take place 1/2 hour prior to performance, during intermission, and for at least 1/2 hour after performance. PRESENTER shall also make arrangements to have the table secured during performance.

Item 17: How many tickets will Christine require for this show?

17. PRESENTER agrees to make a maximum of ten (10) complimentary tickets of preferred seating available for ARTIST's use. Any tickets not claimed by ARTIST'S guest(s) shall be release prior to showtime for sale by PRESENTER.

Item 18: We would also love to have a copy of Christine’s Email Mailing list so we can send out an on-line notice to her fans, along with ours.

18. ARTIST shall have the right to canvas the audience via a questionnaire for the purposes of obtaining a mailing list. PRESENTER may request a duplicate of the list. If PRESENTER maintains a mailing list or solicits names from the ARTIST'S audience, such list is the joint property of PRESENTER and ARTIST, and a duplicate shall be provided to ARTIST.

Item 19: Per our discussion, we will be charging $13.50. But we’d also like to offer a Student /Senior discount of $10.00 each. Please advise.

19. PRESENTER will not change ticket prices without prior permission of ARTIST'S AGENCY.

Item 22: Is this something Christine is interested in having us follow up on? We have two (2) stations that would probably love to interview her; KISM and /or KSER. Please advise. Zoe - There would be no time to do this since we would have to go to the radio station for an interview and this would be way to much and she will be arriving on the day of the show so it wouldn't help in sales.

22. To set up interviews with the media, contact Sandy Goldfarb at (310) 391-3139.

TestingTesting’s Proposal for Christine Lavin

A Concert headlining Christine Lavin, presented by TestingTesting.

Date: Tuesday, 09-November-1999 at 7:30.
Location: Langley High School Auditorium, Whidbey Island, Washington.
Warm up by TestingTesting House Band.
Auditorium Capacity 600 (but we don’t expect the house to be full). Zoe - I would leave out the parenthetical statement
Ticket Price $13.50, Students and Senior Citizens, $10.00. Students 18 and under/Seniors 65 and over
We guarantee $300 and will provide a special room at the Whidbey Inn in Langley, Washington.
Seventy (70%) Percent of the house, after expenses, will go to Christine.
We will archive her show at the TestingTesting site for her fans to visit.
We will have reciprocal links to and from Christine Lavin’s Site from the TestingTesting Web Page.
We will provide a night to remember for Christine, on the “bleeding edge of technology”, with an appreciative audience, and fun with the TestingTesting Crew.

Estimated Costs Costs should be Expenses

Auditorium Rental $ 350.00 Zoe - Mike said it would be a little more than $300.
Christine’s Fee $ 300.00
Room at Whidbey Inn $ 110.00 Zoe - Since Mynda is giving a gift certificate maybe we could drop this.
Promotion costs $ 150.00 Zoe - Zoe -I think we should allow a little more for promotion
Ticket Sales $ 300.00 Zoe - The WICA ticket ticket charges would be around $300 for 300 tickets sold. To put it perspective the ticket sales from 300 tickets would be $4,050.
Internet RealAudio charges $200

Estimated total Expenses $1,300.00  Zoe - doesn't inlcude room

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact myself, or Gordy Coale via email or phone:

Gordon Coale: gcoale@electricedge.com (360) 221-8585
Zoe Gillman: jlg@whidbey.net (360) 331-5382

I also suggest that you visit the God’s of Mongrel Folk’s site so you can see photos of the show, and hear what the show sounded like. We know, and cherish the fact that a show with Christine will not be like the one we had with the God’s, and we are very flexible about how Christine would want to guide the show. As I said, there is always some element of magic during a TestingTesting broadcast!


We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!