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E-commerce Sites

I create affordable and effective E-commerce sites with secure on-line ordering. One of the keys to their success is ease of use. This is a result of careful product organization and attention to how the customer uses the site.

Ace Leather Goods

Gordy's approach to web design is a welcome breath of fresh air. He is almost rogue is his belief that simple is better, and has proven to us that it is true. He looks at building a website as a process that is on going, not an event that happens once. He is straightforward in what he says he will do. He breaks the design process up into manageable stages that are easy to understand and get done. Our experience with him is that he finds out what our vision for our site is, helps to separate it out into stages, gives us a price quote on how much each stage will cost, then keeps us on task to make sure that it gets done in a timely manner.

We have had an amazing amount of feedback from customers that find our site to be one of the easiest they have found to maneuver through.

Andrew and Kathleen Gilkerson
Ace Leather Goods, Inc.


Wonder Oil Products

After two dismal experiences with other web site designers, Gordon Coale was a breath of fresh air. And I keep feeling better and better. The third try was the charm. He doesn¹t just put a site together and that¹s that. He made a point to completely understand what I wanted from my site and as such became an integral part of determining its organization and structure. As a result I have the largest and most comprehensive emu oil related site on the internet. I'm proud to direct anyone to it and regularly receive compliments from our customers.

James Moores
Wonder Oil Products


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