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  Thursday  August 5  2004    10: 14 AM


N C Wyeth

I inherited Robinson Crusoe from my sister before I could read. I remember that I was looking forward to being able to read it myself. My sister, who is 14 years older than I am, often read it to me. I didn't understand the words, but N.C. Wyeth's illustrations took me there. The book itself was old then. I think it was given to my sister by our mother's cousin Sadie Hill, a rather eccentric and outspoken woman when I met her.

I still have and treasure that edition of Robinson Crusoe. Here is the full original text of Robinson Crusoe, with illustrations by N. C. Wyeth. The chapter divisions came later, but are included here for readability.


  thanks to The Cartoonist

I have a copy of this book, too. It was part of a series of books for boys, with N. C. Wyeth illustrations, published during the 30s. Maybe the late 20s. I have most of that series. I would check the publishing date, but they are still unpacked. A condition that will soon change. They had belonged to my dad. Those illustrations really do take you there. In addition to Robinson Crusoe, there was Treasure Island, Kidnapped, David Balfour, Treasure Island, Drums, and The Last of the Mohicans. Those are the ones that I remember I have. I may have missed a couple and the series did include more. Many of these were reprinted a few years ago and are still available. Here is a list of Wyeth books. Scroll down to see the books of N.C. Wyeth. They are well worth having.

Probably one of the reasons that my dad had so many was that my grandfather, Griff, was a friend of N.C. My dad used to tell stories of catching rats with N.C.'s son Andy in the Wyeth barn at Chadds Ford, PA.