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  Thursday  August 18  2005    10: 35 PM

lens report

This is a post that got restored out of existence a week ago but I held off on putting it back up because there was another addition and almost two.

These are the lenses I will be shooting with on the Burke & James. In front is the Schneider G-Claron 210mm process lens that Marja-Leena sent me. On it's left is a 150mm Konica-Hexanon process lens. On it's right is a 330mm Wollensak process lens and in back is a Kodak Anastigmat 540mm process lens from 1944. These are all barrel lenses without shutters and they all will live behind a Packard shutter. The 150, 210, and 330 are all reasonably modern lenses and very sharp. The Kodak is older but promises to be very good. These lenses are very inexpensive. A new lens in a shutter would start at over $700. Marja-Leena took the 210 out of a surplus copy camera and sent to me for postage ($10.50.) The 150mm was $65, the 330mm was $75, and the 540mm Kodak was $28. It has a sticky iris and will need a $40 clean, lube, and adjust from Carol Miller. The others just need a little cleaning and a lens board and they will be ready to go. They are also very light and compact compared to shuttered lenses.

I have two shuttered lenses that I will try. I'm not sure they will really add to the other four. There is the 254mm Elgeet that came with the Burke & James and the 127mm Kodak Ektar from my Speed Graphic.

All these lenses, except for the Ektar, cover 5x7. And since I have three different size backs for the Burke & James, these lenses will have a different angle of view in each format. I have 5x7 (not useable yet), 4x5, and a 120 roll film back that takes 6x9 cm negatives (2 1/4x 3 1/4). Below is a chart that gives the equivalent angle of view of a 35mm camera. I got these numbers from a great spreadsheet at South Bristol Views. It's a frames site so scroll down the anvigation bar to "LF Lens Equivalents". Rummage around in the site. There is some other neat stuff. Notice the chart has a 90mm lens. I will add one of those when the checkbook provides. The darkroom first...