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  Sunday  June 25  2006    08: 35 PM

4x5 polaroid conversion

The 4x5 Polaroid conversion proceeds slowly. It was really hot this weekend so I spent some time in the basement working on it. Much cooler down there. Too hot to do anything else. It was in the mid 80s. I admit it, we're heat wimps. The last time I mentioned the Polaroid I had the lens board off.

With the help of a dremel tool I cleared the top and opened the hole for the shutter and ground the surface more or less flat. Flatter, anyway. Here the shutter is put in place.

I couldn't enlarge the lensboard hole enough for the retaining ring (not enough material) for the Kodak 127 Ektar, so I'm going to have to eventually bond it in place. It's just laying in there now. Now that it's fitted, I can send it off for a CLA. Then smooth and paint the lensboard and start working on the back of the camera. I also removed the rangefinder. I will probably use some auto body bondo to mount the shutter on the lensboard. I think it can be popped loose if I need to. I hope.