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  Sunday  May 11  2008    11: 52 AM

photography update

I think I finally solved my photo printer problem. I came across a very good deal on a used HP B 9180 over at Large Format Forum. It will be mine! All mine! More on this later.

That's my Meopta Flexaret Va sitting on Rick Oleson's workbench Thursday night with one of his bright, shiny focusing screens installed. He finally got the screen assembly off of the camera and was able to install the new screen. It wasn't easy. He will be adding one of his sketches to his Tech Notes showing how he got the top off. Once I get it back I will run a roll of film through it to make sure it all works and then I will work on measuring it for a new covering. This will be my black and white TLR since I seem to have a complete set of black and white filters for it. The Diacord will be loaded with color.