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  Thursday   May 26   2005


We had hoped to have received the results of Zoe's biopsies. This evening we got a call from the doctor's office letting us know we wouldn't be getting a call. Tomorrow...

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  Monday   May 23   2005

well...here's a good one to hold you over

Ralf Zeigermann
Collected Short Stories


  thanks to The Cartoonist

Actually, Ralf is The Cartoonist. By the way, it's a .pdf file. Enjoy

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checking in

Lots of links but no time to put them up. Zoe, Gerry (her mom), and I went down to my mother's 85th birthday party Sunday. Great time. Otherwise it's been getting Gerry moved and worrying about Zoe. Last Tuesday we saw a second surgeon about the micro-calcifications in her left breast. Tomorrow she goes in for biopsies in three locations. It will take about 2 hours. The Zoe link is to her blog in which she talks about this. Too much going on. I'll be back, but not quite yet.

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