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  Tuesday   November 4   2008

It's a new game.

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  Monday   November 3   2008

election 2008

It's all over but for the voting

The Most Accurate Election Forecast? Hardcore Gamblers

He didn't hesitate. "Polls can be inaccurate. People may say what is politically correct, the questions may be leading, the pollsters may be biased. A pollster can still bill for an inaccurate poll. Bookmakers must make an accurate line or they lose -- period."


But don't take anything for granted. We want to bury the Republican Party. Zoe was sent this by a friend.

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I'm a sucker for weird cameras. This is too cool! A 35mm twin lens reflex that can shoot 24x36 (regular 35mm format), 24x24, and the full width of the film so you can include all that sprokety goodness. Wish it didn't cost so much. $160 to $190 for a camera with a plastic lens is a bit much. But it's too cool! Did I mention how cool it is?

blackbird, fly

Capture the Stillness of Silence.Capture the Beat of Heart.
135 TWIN LENS REFLEX CAMERA, blackbird, fly flying at last.




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i've been wandering around in circles

I've been missing in action around here. Too much shit going on, not to mention checking the Presidential polls every 15 minutes. We saw Zoe's mom yesterday. It didn't go well. She recently got moved to the dementia/Alzheimer's ward at Western State Hospital. The treatment she is getting in the new ward is not as good as what she was getting in the previous ward that she had been in the past 2 years. We are not happy. On top of that she was in pain. They got pain pills in her while we were there. She seems to be doing worse. It was a draining day. Today I had to go into Seattle to pick up a side of leather so, right now, I'm in an energy free zone. Tomorrow morning I have a photo shoot and then it's clean the house since our kids are coming over for the election results. Oh yes, I've also been having printer wars. I got the HP B9180 printing. The initial results looked great until I noticed some banding in shadow areas that seem to correspond to when the heads stop to catch up with the spooling. If you look at it straight on you can hardly see it but if you hold the print at an angle it is very noticible. Very frustrating. Still trying to get it to print after spooling. Hopefully, I can get caught up on stuff around her after the election.

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