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North Atlantic Patrol

Between the North Atlantic and Pearl Harbor

Victory at Midway



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Victory at Midway Forward


In the autumn of 1942, three young Combat Artists were commissioned to add their records in drawings and paintings of the Navy’s tremendous effort in this war. I had been on active duty for just a year, with two oversea duties that took me from Iceland and the North Atlantic Patrol before Pearl Harbor, to Oahu and Midway last spring and summer. Therefore I could share their enthusiasms for their first sea duty as Naval artists, their burning desire to give the best they had to the Navy, and their gratitude to our-commanding officer, Captain Leland P. Lovette, Director of Public Relations, for ordering them overseas. At this writing all three are still away. Lieutenant (j.g.) Dwight Shepler is in the Solomon area, where he has seen and depicted much hot action, as it took place close about the ships in which he was serving. Lieutenant (j.g.) William Draper is in the Aleutian area, and Ensign Mitchell Jamieson is in European waters.

The Battle of Midway covered a vast area and no one saw it all. I asked permission to go to Midway on June 2nd, and my orders to fly there were given me on June 6th – "Stand by on a half hour’s notice." The word came by telephone that evening to leave by a bomber at 6.30 A.M. the next morning, June 7th. Sketching all day and fascinated in the evening by listening to first hand experiences from many different sectors of the battle, the five days on Midway flew by with the speed of a skimming sea bird.

G. B. C.

New York, N. Y.

February 14, 1943

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