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March 08

There stands the extraordinary tower of Kutab Minar. Warm reds, dill oranges and rich whites against the singing blue of the sky. Perpendicular reed-like orders soaring upward. 

Qutb Minar

Kutub Minar: Its Origins


Qutub Minar

The Kutab Mosque, in the shadow of the tower, is the earliest house of prayer. Very interesting architecturally. The stone lacework of the arches, amazingly delicate and intricate. Like so many ancient buildings of the many Delhis, it was originally a Hindu temple, later turned into a mosque and covered with plaster.

Architecture of the Delhi Sultanate

Close to the northwest is the oldest tomb in India, very fine and richly carved. Build by the Empress Rozryyah for her father Attamash. 

Climb about the ruins of Lal Kot, finding section of wall still standing, thirty feet thick.

Walls of Qila Lal Kot (the First Delhi City)

Stop outside one of the greatest gates of Toughlakababa, the massive stronghold built by Chias- ud -Din on this steep rocky ridge in 1322 AD. Even the hill rising to the base of the great walls is faced with stone.


A neglected and ruined citadel - Tughlakabad


We almost expect out jeep to have disappeared with driver, but there is squats, and we cross the road to the South and ascend a few steps to the 600 ft. stone causeway leading to the heavily fortified tomb of Chias -ub- Din.

Climb out at the entrance to a narrow lane that leads into a tiny white village, surrounding the very small temple of Kalkaji. Delighted to see no one, but hear the sound of temple bells and know the priests are there. The first miniature house has its walls splashed with bright murals, depicting tigers, birds, flowers, contorted nursing mother, naively drawn and archaicly balancing each other. There is much other small decorations on the few little buildings and we come upon the miniature Hindu gods. This place is very sacred to the Hindus of Delhi and is dedicated to the goddess Kali Devi.

Encroachments threaten wish-fulfilling shrine

Shri Kalika Devi