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War Around the World

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War Around 
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North Africa / Middle East
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March 10

Several officers and I decide to take the rest of our lunch time and see what's cooking at the big modern Lakshmi Narain Temple. Dash off in car. Temple garish in sunlight as we approach. A blend of good Coney Island and New York World's Fair. 

Lakshmi Narayan Temple 


So up to the big terraced gardens with reflecting pools, swimming pool, statues and large stone elephants, which together with the distant surrounding colonades, are all raspberry and pink, staggering effect with the lively green planting. Like a Little Nemo world. 

Little Nemo in Slumberland

The dark arch forms an oriental frame for the big mass of the Mohammedan tomb of Humayun, its white Persian dome floating in the moonlight. 

Humayun Tomb

We descend and walk to the nearby and earlier tomb of Isa Khan. After the light floating quality, that the intricately decorated stone surface gives to the Mohammedan mosque, at first this heavy honest stone monument seems squat and black in the tender light. 

Isa Khan Niyazi Tomb