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War Around the World

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War Around 
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March 19

1130 – With Captain Marky, Air Marshall and Mrs. Goddard and First Officer Oliver to the Red Fort, or Lal Kila, on the right bank of the Jumma River on the Eastern side of the city of Delhi.

Red Fort complex

Red Fort

Red Fort

We drive through the Lahore Gate’s deep tunnel, across a large court and enter narrow short street, white walled, roofed over and lined with small shops. This roofed arcade is the famous Chhatta Chowk, or covered Mart, which was once the center of the richest wares in the East.


Lahore Gate, Red Fort

Chhatta Chowk

Delhi(after returning from Nepal)

Old Delhi - Red Fort's Chatta Chowk, 
a covered bazaar at Lahore gate

More garden, and we stroll through a magnificent pavilion of white marble standing on a raised platform, it's flat roof supported by engrailed arches. 

We stroll though the Diwan-i-Khas that the Emperor Shahjahan used to retire to after his mid-day Durbar and where he held court every evening. 

Red Fort, Diwan-i 'Amm

Red Fort, Khas Mahal

I think as we pass the tall English radio masts and the modern barracks, of how much peaceful beauty has survived, in spite of earthquake, Persian, Maratha and Rohlillas invasions and the mutiny of 1857.

The Indian Mutiny

The curry is delicious and after lounging in the hot sun of their flower garden we drive to the park surrounding the many Lody tombs.

Lodi Monuments in Delhi