Robbie's Last Concert
Pictures by Zoe and Gordy
The concert opened with the Jazz Band. My picture of the whole band was too fuzzy but there was this little combo where the singer scatted.

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You mom arrived with Jenny, Andrew, Nigel, and Robyn

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There were some band members that had to leave for a soccer game so there were no intermissions. They went right into the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble without an intermission. The Cooncert Band...

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The Wind Ensemble. Where's Robby?

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After their opening piece (Dvorack), Brent had all the Seniors come to the front. Blue Cheese Boy ended up in the center behind the podium. In order to be in the same line as the others he had to stand on the podium which he did momentarily before he thought better of it and stepped back.

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Robby said he was going to sleep for a year and then go to Edmonds and Evergreen.

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To jump ahead a little - After the concert Zoe said that I had to see a picture. It was a hairdo she loved. So she showed me...

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The funny part was that she didn't know that Briony was Bruce and Buffy's daughter. We had seen Bruce when we were leaving the concert and exchanged the latest Bruce/Gordy confusion. (A guy saw me in the Langley Post Office parking lot, looked at me, paused, and then said "You're not Bruce!". I have progressed. I have gone from being Bruce to Not Bruce.) Zoe, Bruce, Buffy, and I all laughed. When she showed me the picture in the parking lot I told her who here parents were. They were just coming out so Zoe got to tell Briony in person what a great hairdo she had. It also helped that she was going to school back east in Vermont at Bennington. We joked about how she was going to get her graduation cap on. I suggested drilling holes and putting the flowers on top of the cap but Bruce said they had already been talked to.

Back to the concert - They had a snare drum trio with Nick Logan, and Andy. The Wind Ensemble finished with a Shostokovich piece. Brent told the story how, a month ago, he had offered them an easy concert by doing pieces they were familiar with or a hard one by playing a really difficult piece. This was a piece he said he had always wanted to do. The band took the hard way out. After the concert Robby said they only had 2 1/2 weeks to rehearse the piece. They were stoked afterwards because they nailed it.

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The family portrait.

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And, of course, thanks to Brent for putting up with Robby.

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