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Roy and Don's Story







In the early 1960s two young photographers, Roy Robinson and Don Hale, recorded the action at Lions Drag Strip in Southern California. Now you can buy these historical photos.

These photos are 12"x18" and all prices include shipping.


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Start at Photos 1 for some incredible racing action.



Roy and Don's Story
by Don Hale

Beginning in 1961

Roy and myself were both freshman students at the "Art Center College of Design" and young and energetic.

Art Center taught us to look for more creative angles and push the creative envelope past the standard stuff of the time. We experimented with new lenses, motor driven sequences, and intentional slow shutter speeds for a blurred almost painting like quality for some of our photographs.

Roy and I were classmates and friends with other students like Larry Wood (Hot Wheels Designer), Ken Eberts (chair of Auto Fine artist Guild, Pebble Beach) John "Waldo" Glaspey (auto illustrator) and Bob Davids, designer of Breedlove's land speed cars, as well as Nye Frank's "Pulsator." In the early sixties when Roy and I were photographing at Lions, most photographers were shooting the standard angles they had been doing for years.

We created some friendly competition for the Peterson boys which turned out to be good for the industry. "Drag News" ran an article calling Roy the new "Dean" of drag racing photography.

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