closed for business

It's time to close TestingTesting. It's been almost a year since we've done a show. I've been looking for a laptop to be able to continue. One did show up but it was too slow. However, life outside of TestingTesting (real life) has gotten to complicated. Zoe and I are caring for her mom who turns 81 this year. That makes life very hard to schedule. And thanks to the Bush's economy, business has slowed down this past couple of years which makes it hard to subsidize TestingTesting anymore. I need to focus on the home front and business front.

I want to thank all the musicians who appeared on the show and a special large thanks to the TestingTesting House Band, in all it's permutations. Thanks to those that supported TestingTesting financially and otherwise. Thanks to all the people who listened in. The biggest thanks go to Zoe. Without her TestingTesting would not have had the run it did.

Gordy Coale
April 13, 2005