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  Sunday   May 22   2005       12: 38 AM

Every once in a while, I find a reason to think, yes! there is hope for America after all. Tonight was one of those times, from an unlikely resource.

I was watching the US version of "Who's Line Is It Anyway?", where Drew Carey is host. [If you've not seen it yet, you really should check it out for time and place on your local listings, they usually are on a cable channel in the later hours]

Tonight, during their typical shtick, Drew asked the Audience to name an unlikely couple. Usually the audience all shouts out at once, but there was a lone voice that said "Bill Cosby and Hitler!". Silence. No one else offered up a suggestion. So, thank you Drew, he decides to play it straight, and says, ok, Wayne and Brad will sing the theme song to a new sitcom, and you Ryan and Colin, will mime the visuals.

At first the crew are a bit off guard, as is the rest of the audience...all thinking, are we talking "did a racist suggest this, or is it just a suggestion?"...but Wayne starts to sing, in his Bill Cosby voice, "Hey Hitler, want some Jello?"...then in front of the camera, comes a guy with his headphones on, walking to Drew, and says something, so Drew then says, pointing to the other side of the audience from where the suggestion came, "OK, give me a job..." and there are some calls, and Drew says, ok "Insurace Salesman -- oh, this will be funny, Bill Cosby and the Insurance Salesman".

And, off they go. A little less enthusastic than normal, but off they go, miming, as Wayne and Brad sing...when, to everyone's delight, Ryan mime's a "heil Hitler" salute -- everyon breaks up! A wonderful moment, where we all concur that censorship is worse than joking about a blurted out (possibly in poor taste) suggestion.

Then, of course, throughout the rest of the show, there was references to Hitler, "if you know what I mean", and even a reference during "scenes from a hat", when "Tarzan and Tonto meet" is picked, and Drew says, "sure, we can make fun of Native Americans, but a Hitler reference is taboo..."!

So, I was heartened to know that yes, bad taste, or words can be unpleasant, but Censership be Damned!

[And this on the heels of those fools trying to pass a law that the Senate not reference Hitler or the Holocaust -- give me a break! Maybe the Republicans think they can censure "open foot in mouth disease"? Or maybe this is the best way to ensure "forgetting" and the "conspiricy theory" that the Jews are fabricating the Holocaust any easier?]

Chalk up one for the Good Guys!

You knever know where you'll find Democracy in Action.

"BlogenLust: John Hinderaker: I, personally, would like to see a moratorium on all references to Hitler, the Third Reich, Nazism and the Holocaust in the context of domestic political debate. Such a rule would have no perceptible effect on conservative discourse, but it would render the left virtually mute."