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  Friday   April 11   2008       04: 29 AM

Time to catch up some more stuff and nonsense.

I have a new MD, aka General Practitional, or Primary Care Physician as of Monday on the 7th. His name is Z. G. Petrak, MD. Just prior to my appointment with him, I saw a photo of him and his partner in one of the local rags, the "Marketplace", and he looked tad stern, but what photos often leave out, is the soul, mind and heart of a person, sometimes lucky for them, other time, as in this case, it lost so much of what this man is about.

He's a warm, caring, smart man. And, he laughed at my jokes [well, laugh? not so much, but a grin and a chuckle is a start ]. He also has a whole heapin' helpin' of humanity. And, the way he thinks and approaches things is fresh, which is one of the pluses in getting a new doctor, at least one hopes that will happen, fresh eyes and opinions.

I like him, and felt he liked me too. I don't mean he's like, oh boy, Zoe is coming in today or an appt., I just mean he treated me with respect, and of late, that is far far far from the treatment I've been exposed to of late. But that is a huge post for another time, if at all.

So this is good. I will be seeing him in a month.

Tomorrow, I pick up copies of my records from WCP. For now I'm leaving Mom's there, but I want to talk to someone about what they think is best /smartest. I don't think Mom will have a private MD for a long while, so do I move it or not? On the down side, they had already lost some of my chart and paperwork already, could it be worse with Mom's? Or safer? I got to think this through.

I had an appt with both Celeen and Julie today [cranial sacral therapy, and accupuncture in that order]. A lot of body work fer sure and a lot of new feelings, thoughts, and, new pieces parts added to how to look at my health. Julie and I came up with a possible game plan that sounds reasonable.

There are 2 chiropractors she feels good about, and I am going to the one in Freeland, Dr Casey. We hope that he can use his tools to determine what is going on with me, and then try to get things in order from his specialty POV, using the "activator" v. manual manipulation -- it's much better for a person with FM. It will minimize the "fibro-flare" associated with tender points.

So there will be a many pronged approach with many new "eyes", and I hope they will talk to each other v. my having to be the disseminator of what is happening in each office, i.e. their protocol 'cuz -- my layperson-speak, and tmy sieve for a brain is the long way around to appreciating what each person is doing, and working towards.

I also met with Gary, and we decided to hang in, for now, with my current meds. He will talk with Marilyn to get a broader and more true picture of what has been happening, because I wasn't doing so hot in expressing my general mood(s) of late. I love with care-givers speak to each other.

I also have been thinking that this year may see me back at CPT again, I so wish that I could get back to that place I was back in February, when I grew strong and had hope for a while and thought I'd be traveling, walking easily, starting exercises for fitness and fun, like tennis, and asst. things like that, and all the while as I grew stronger, then start searching for work...oh the dreams that started to become a possibility, when all of a sudden, I messed up my foot, and knocked my body out of whack, and undid so many things accomplished, and steadily, my hopes for health, and the dreams I began to think were possible, left me so quickly.

So, with the latest series of events, I am going to start to to hope these medical folk that will be in my future will help me find ways to move physically, and get more independent surely, even if slowly, and lose medicine and lose pain and gain brain and ability...hey, a gal can hope, right?

Gary said that one of my priorities is to get some sleep. Since the CPAP burns my nose, my options are limited, but Dr Petrak came up with the idea to ask my DDS if they can help me with some oral appliance. I hope he can help so I can get stage 4, restorative sleep...ah...dare to dream? [yeah all puns intended...]

So, tomorrow will be a long day, and I'm still not asleep, and Mikey comes by about 7:30 AM...about 3+ hours away -- egads! Then up to O.H. to pick up my charts, then down to Dr P's to drop it off, then a day with Mike, and I hope I can hold up and be fun for him...hope hope hope. It's been so horribly long since last we played together.

He's sleeping over Friday night, so we'll have more time with him. Both Gordy and I have been zonked and running full bore to get our things done...the list never gets under control...but we're so tired, both of us, and this is not good to present tired grandparents -- Mike deserves fun creative and mobile ones, and tomorrow, well, I hope his expectations are more realistic than typical.

Heck, I wish we could do our christmas that remains undone, we could open up his goodies and all, and maybe play with some of them. I have no recollection what we gave them...oh well, it will make it like opening new prezzies for us too to see what they have wrapped up.

So, it's now another 20 minutes later, and I still am not asleep, but I'm zonked. So no re-reading what I wrote, so I apologize in advance for any repetitions, any repetitions, and sentences that make no sense .

Mike's coming tomorrow! Oooooooweeeeee!