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Civilian casualties update
  Tuesday   January 10   2012       08: 53 PM

I've not been posting for a long long while -- mea culpa.

I currently have a bear of a bug, cough, hack, headache et al since Jan 1st 2012! I went to JanGaard today per Julie's recommendation, and yeppers, I'm on some anti-biotics -- kickin' it's butt!

Christmas 2011 saw the whole Coale Famn Damily here chez moi.. it was very wonderful to have all the chillins and grandkids here.

It's been a tough time economically and legally for all but the top 1% and it's scary how they are taking all the rights away.. here's today's topper of a post from the AP to give y'all a taste of the bull the Reps and even the Dems are pulling:

"Associated Press: "A Senate panel advanced bills Tuesday that would require people laid off in South Carolina to pass a drug test to receive unemployment benefits, then volunteer 16 hours weekly with a charity or public agency to keep receiving a check. Though the panel heard testimony that both proposals would likely conflict with federal law, its chairman, Sen. Kevin Bryant, said afterward that doesn't matter. 'It's time to start pushing back,' said Bryant, R-Anderson. 'I can't base how I vote on a bill on what some activist, liberal judge is going to do.'" Some liberal judge is going to stop this sucker with an injunction...because of the Constitution... [AP]"

oh well.
>^^< peace