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  Friday   July 29   2005

I had to cry "Uncle" yesterday and go to the ER @ WGH re: my abdominal pain...dang. Not a fun day dealing with getting a cavity filled yesterday early Afternoon...argh!!!

Not the best time at the hospital...but finally I did get some releif...yes!

Again, typical MDs (yet another new one) YANO looking at me with suspician re the Rx I take, and the pain I'm in -- No fun having to defend what previous MDs have dx'd me as having, and prescribed specific medicine for it, and when the pain "breaks through", the pain, it's not fun for me to spend money and time and pain at a hospital, and have all the family be waiting outside, or other nurses taking the extra chairs in the room that I want for my family, that can't come in yet, per the RN...etc etc. and dealing with a new MD, and his lecture, and his making fun of me, at my expense, not with me...what a lovely day it wasy (not).

bah humbug...

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  Monday   July 25   2005

I wish for the Valdezzzzzzzz' clan a safe journey. Last night I said my final bon voyages. We phoned to see if we could drop on by -- it was about 9:30 +/-PM. The kids (Jenny & William) were working hard to get their things in order, and write lists, and ready the house for inspection by the property manager, and get their car road-ready, for their trip that ETS (estimated time start) at 9:00AM.

William came home "early" [it took 5 days of his emergency leave to get him home] because his father died unexpectedly, while shopping for groceries in CA, in the horrid heat wave. So, it falls to William to get his Dad's body our of the morgue and set up funeral arrangements, and, they decided that they will be taking his Mom with them to their new home in Colorado.

Despite the tension, and hard work, they still laugh, although I think Billiam is still shell-shocked and hasn't been able to absorb everything yet, or the enormity of the latest sling and arrow sent their way.

But, he has Jenny by his side, and Jenny is strong, and will make it work. It's brilliant that she didn't hesitate a nanosecond regarding William's choice to have their infirm, 71 year old Mom live with them. Pretty Amazing Folk!

I said my final good bye to Robyn. I started to get teary-eyed, and this beautiful little girl /wise-woman placed her hand on mine to comfort me, and that definitely made a few tears drop, but I hope I hid them, and had a good loving and happy face on for her. Very special. I don't know if I bragged yet about her and me being "Sistahs" [sisters]. She's age-blind, what a joy, and we became sisters, just like that!

4 of us
Jenny, Robyn, Me & Gerry (My Mom)

Gordy and I peeked into the bedroom to see Evan sleeping and twitching to some exciting dream adventure.

These are wonderful people, family, that I will miss terribly for the next 3 years. Robyn will be NINE when she returns, and Evan THREE!!!

My intention is to get myself moving again, and maybe have stamina to go visit them in Colorado?!?

They will do wonderfully, but will Gordy & I? It's a big ol' crater in our life /hearts.

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  Sunday   July 17   2005

What happens to a "child of the 60's" Hippie Peacenik who used to avoid makeup like the plague when she turns 50-something, and finds QVC?!?

She becomes a MAKEUP JUNKIE!!! Sure, when I was close to 12, I was in love with Jean Shrimpton and other Seventeen Magazine Cover Models, and did the white eyeliner thing, and the Twiggy eyes, yes, I painted eyelashes on my skin, and my best buddy way back then, Peggy & I wore [horrors] false eyelashes, and huge huge huge earrings and moi? I had Janis Joplin "sunnies"...what a hoot -- then, nothing, nada, rien, zero, zip, NONE, nevermore (I believed)-- until the workplace. Yes, Dressing for Success required some light lipstick and eyelash mascara.

...Then, my health went to the pits, and I was not able to climb the ladder to success, no more fighting the glass ceilings, I was pretty much housebound, agoraphobic and chronic pain and doctor hunting for a DX, so who needs steenkin' makeup?

But, go figure, it's now my birthday year around 50 when *splat*?!? Oy. What was I thinking? This isn't halloween [when I was Harpo or Xena and makeup was required]. This is me daily. QVC and Lisa Robertson spoke to me and told me secrets and I found a new religion -- Makeup! Before I head out, I grab my travel cases and bags-o-stuff and spread it out like it was a hoard of jewels and coins and chocolate and I look over my bounty and prepare!!!! Yes, it's ture. I now need TIME to prepare to go out. What have I become? Who is this woman, still peace-loving, who gets excited by a small QVC package in the mail? Or when I see a skin care or makeup show is on at Midnight (eastern) indicating that this night (9:00 PM my time) will be another exciting Today's Special Value!!!

Is there some MA (Makeup Anonymous) group out there?

Where should I go for help and support?

Egads...I have to take the proverbial reins by the horn and start it myself, so folks, Makeup Anonymous is here, now, please RSVP and let's do it! (trade secrets? or stop buying -- I dunno -- we'll see what happens LOL).Write me today* Tell me your story. Let's get a group going, be it a BBS, or a mailing list, let's talk. I'm out of control! LOL

*I absolutely do swear NOT to share your email addy or any info with ANYONE!

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  Saturday   July 16   2005

I hate to do this, but I'm compelled to put my current book I'm reading down, and pick up my freshly arrived Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince book, and read the heck outta it! Yes! I hope it is as good as I anticipate it to be...I'll let you know.

Today is Katie's b'day, and tomorrow is when we are taking the kids out for b'day dinner. Rob's b'day is Monday, and Jenny, well she gets gypped because she sort of mushes her's up with Robyn's, so we will be taking her to make up for the missed dinners.

Tonight they will be at Candi's for BBQ.
Tomorrow they are with us!

<------singing "Happy Birthday to You"....


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  Friday   July 15   2005

Locks of Love!!!

Gordy cut his hair, and he went shorter than he expected to allow the requisite 12" needed for length, and Karma worked ASAP -- he looks damn fine!!!
Link here to see some receipient photos.

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  Thursday   July 14   2005

A fan of Christine's forwarded the link to this to me /us.

Christine Lavin, "Harrison Ford" (available on Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch)[Buy It!]

Representative lyric: "The only living movie star I've ever adored... Takes all my concentration not to fall on the floor / At the feet of that fabulous mega-movie star / Harrison Ford."

Does it portray the subject accurately? Sort of. Lavin's cheery folk song documents an actual accidental meeting with Ford, who apparently smiled at her and sent her a detailed telepathic order to keep moving and not spoil his quiet evening. While her fannish description of Ford as "just a regular guy / Okay, with better brawn and brains and bones" seems perfectly accurate, few other singers have commented on his psychic powers.

Flattering or creepy? Flattering and kind, respecting Ford's humanity and right to privacy while simultaneously ecstatically drooling over him. This is a much sweeter tribute than Lavin's "Prince Charles," an even more tongue-in-cheek 1981 tribute declaring her heartbreak over Charles leaving the singles market. ("Oh, maybe you got panicky, thinking you were losing your looks / Well confidentially, Chuck, you got no looks to lose..."

What a hoot & what great fans! Thank you for this heads up, Rob!

Harrisonharrisonharrisonharrisonha-a-ar-i-son [I'm singing f/song as I key this in...]


[Taken from the article in The Onion July 13, 2005 Volume 41 Issue 28 /Tribute Tracks: Honor or Horror? (Movie Edition) /By Tasha Robinson]

 10:07 AM - link -    

  Sunday   July 10   2005

'Twas supposed to be a fantastic week having Robyn with us while Jenny went to finalize things on the Colorado home, but Mom degraded as the week progressed, and it is very sad to see it happening.

I will miss them, the Valdez, so very much. And, it will be weird to next see Robyn, as a 9+ year old!!! If she's been acting about 12 now, just who will the 9 year old be, and what age? Egads! And I'll be missing the Evan toddler years, major bummer, because this is one of the most fun times for me, wrastling with them, and playing "make believe" with them, and seeing the world open up in front of their very eyes, but, it is so worth it all to know that the family will be a real, stable, at home family, together, 1.5k away, than divided. This is a "sacrifice" I'll make gladly!

Mom is very scary. She is aware of the inability to vocalize things (this happens, still intermittently knock wood) and to comprehend things, or put a socialization-filter on all the time. In many ways, she can be just about Robyn's age in action, deed and words. So very horrific to see, and to know she is cognizant of it. It KILLS me. I lost it last night (mostly silent I hope) looking through things, for my missing CD that I wanted to watch and distract me -- I was crying a lot, and hurting for her and for me. I am at a loss as to how to help her truly. I do know that an Adult Home is still not the answer, but it's future seems more iminent than before. I have to get the finances in a row.

I'll phone WGH SS dept. and see if they can give me a run down -- step by step on how to get this done. I am ill thinking about it. And, there is so very much to do -- jeeeeeeze, and I'm at a biorhythm or just typical chronic ebb right now. Mostly methinks I just don't have the stuff to play a full week with m'lady Robyn, and the added need for me to be referee and buffer between the world and Mom and Mom and the world is really tough on my psyche.

So, another day. Another chance to get things accomplished, and maybe get Gordy to save for the future?!? [that's my latest -- I need him to start that NOW since yesterday is long past] And to try to get my debts paid, and the money due me by asst. folk recouped.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason, when I lend some money, or an item, book, CD, DVD, mister, whatever, to ask for it back is really really difficult for me to open my mouth about it. Argh. That's something to put away for the 'Marilyn File".

Major Pain Day today -- missing chochookum -- ratz!
As Miz Scarlett would say, I'm so tahed tahed tahed!

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  Saturday   July 2   2005

[Here's the repost after the restore after the trojan horse nasty bit]

Just a (hopefully)quickie update since that's all I have energy to do [but I do tend to ramble once I get going]....

!!!MARILYN IS BACK!!! I've already had 2 session LOL -- and I finally feel like I just may be able to recoup with her help !

Jenny heads out to CO to look at their new digs, William comes home soon, but not soon enough, to go to Fort Corson, Colorado -- which is SO not Iraq!!! I can't wait until he comes back. Yes!yesyes! The downside is they will be gone 3 years...that means no Robyn until she's 9+, and no EE (Even Everett) until he's 4, four, fore!!!!! We'll miss all his goiwing up, and won't be able to leave out grandparenting imprint on him...rats.

So, since Miz Jenny is going easterly, we decided to have a BBQkabob w/rice, like Mom and Dad used to have in the summer every Sunday. This will be different than the typical BBQ, and will be a Gordy-Zoe type o' thang...I sure hope they enjoy it and have fun -- as usual, the weatherfolk are talking another grey, chance of showers+, type of 4th weekend that we're known for -- was it last year that we had our first nice one since I've lived in WA?

We're putting up our croquet set, and the "awberries are growing" ready for pickin' and Gae and Terry may stop by, and Kim, Douggie (and his sister and bro-in-law) with Karla, and, the raison d'eter for this foodfest, the Coalekids and their kids and S.O.'s.

So, no idea how many peeps will show up, we dunno. We're having chickenkabob, and veggiekabobs for me, and maybe Mom, and basmati rice and more food to be determined (by letting Gordy go solo to Costco, I had no control over purchases, and what he's chosen NOT to get stuff on the list, like dessert?!? hmmmmm).

G is talking to Doris now as I write. Apparently the hormone Rx she's taking has shrunk her tumor so that they can now get margins so surgery looks like it's now possible and in her future. Doris does NOT deserve this, especially at her age -- and at what point does the pain she'll go through and the trauma and the exhaustion help v. making her quality of life so tough that quanity of years potentially gained (no guarantees) isn't that significant, and it will be so miserable that the joyful twinkle and ready laugh will be gone, and her mobility will be even lessened since she can't use her arms much at first while she heals, and she uses a walker and /or a manual wheel chair, which she won't be able to use both arms...hmm, going in circles? yikes...and then the radiation or chemo to follow and nausea (maybe) and exhaustion (maybe) and hair loss (maybe) and other side effects will be impacting her life.

I hope Gordy and Terry really really really put the oncologist on the spot to get a realistic picture, so a smart decision can be made with Doris, the woman, the human being in mind v. the "cancer".

Gordy isn't really one to question "authority" in the medical field at least. And my health history has shown me that NOT asking questions is the worse thing that can be done, and NOT making oneself, or one's loved one be "fleshed out" and seen as a human, and individual, rather than a disease is the worse thing one can do.

Anyway -- the yard is looking great, a barbie is in the making, I've started cleaing the house, and our arms are wide open for the kids (as they always have been) so I hope that they have fun and maybe choose to keep visiting us more often?!? One can hope, right?

Les furs went to the vet yesterday, very healthy, yes! but but but -- poor Livie is 18lbs!!! So, dieting is in their future, and as dear Dr Parent says, I will have to get tough and turn a deaf ear to their (her) cries, and her big sorrowful hungry eyes -- yikes! I'm a sucker for my loved ones being unhappy when I can make 'em happy. BUT, I am determined to NOT take my healthy Olivia, and help her be susceptible to diabetes, asthma et al like my Dear Yoko had. My mantra has to be "Tough Love".

On the splurge side, I just picked me up -- er I mean Miz Olivia just grabbed me from QVC a HO Photosmart 325 printer. It's fun! And I'm so bad about getting snaps up online for others to see, or follow through and email 'em, et al -- that this may help me in the future, like, I was thinking specifically, that from the BBKabob on Sat, that I can take snaps, print some, and get 'em to William etc etc. We'll see.

Well enuff blabbing -- hopefully I'll get some snaps up and inserted later...we'll see.
OH YES -- before I sign off, Mary Travers is doing so much better, we got the heads up from Christine, and it's posted on her side, and /or check out Mary's site as previously posted. You're amazing Ms Mary and we're all pulling for you!

 12:40 AM - link -    

There was a nasty bug that grabbed this URL so I will enter a link to a site that has a good solution in case y'all do a search on this redirect .php that came to sit here -- it's called "newexpl.php" -- we forwarded this URL to our tech support at our ISP, and it seems as though somewhere, one has to have a 666 protection on a Linux system.

Good luck if you get this bug.

[my next entry will be a repost, as the ISP did a restore to get rid of it.]

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"walk this way..." Igor [prnounced Eye-gore] from "Young Frankenstien" [pronounced Steen] -- there's more!