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Specializing in traditional and modern wood construction
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Sound Boat Works
Vernon Brisley
P. 0. Box 532
Freeland, WA 98249
ph: 360-331-2030
fax: 360-331-6747
vernonba.JPG (7706 bytes)My boatbuilding career has spanned over 20 years and has included experience in a wide range of construction materials. For 7 years, I worked with Miller Marine Corporation of Bainbridge Island, constructing custom one-off and molded fiberglass yachts. Since crews at Miller Marine worked on yachts from start to finish, I gained experience in processes ranging from mold construction to hardware patterning and rigging. In the mid-1980’s, I started my own boat construction and repair business, Sound Boat Works. Major Sound Boat Works projects included construction elements and rigging of a 44-foot Constant Camber trimeran, design and installation of the interior into a Nordic Tug yacht, and assisting in the installation of an interior and deck joinery of a Westsail yacht.

In 1994 I joined Johns Bay Boat Company in South Bristol, Maine. The company, owned by Pete Kass, focuses on building working, wooden lobster boats: yachts are only occasionally built. Routine construction includes white cedar planking on white oak framing and uses plywood and fiberglass decks to minimize maintenance. The blend of modern deck materials and traditional hull construction combine to make a smooth ride and durable working surface in a power vessel.

vernonc.JPG (17435 bytes)When I returned to Whidbey Island from Maine, I reactivated Sound Boat Works to begin construction of a 23-foot Arno Day launch, Maxine. The red cedar planking and Douglas fir keel are from Whidbey Island. The hull is bronze-fastened and the decks are plywood-epoxy construction. The launch is powered by a 54-hp Isuzu diesel. This vessel is a traditional Maine lobster boat.

Vernon Brisley - Boatbuilder