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War Around 
the World
Preparing to leave
Progress report dated 
October 25, 1943

Oct 20 - 0900  working at desk and files. 1100 photographer here from 90 Church Street to take "USS LAFAYETTE" #2 and #5. 1200  to dentist to have teeth overhauled, 1415 to publishers. 1630 to LIFE Magazine with manuscript for preview until 1730.

Oct 21 - 0900 working on labels for exhibition until 1100, finished, overhauling painting and drawing gear and making lists of material needed. 1400 to publishers till 1630. 1730 cutting up "dust sheet" to take with me.

Oct 22 - 0850 working on painting gear, drawing material, supplies etc., preparatory to packing. 1400 to publishers for manuscript details and editing, size of print on page, etc. 1630 to art dealer. Back to studio, collecting data, addresses etc., till 1730.

Oct 24 - Sunday. Tacking newly typed labels on all pictures, tightening keys and making them all ready for exhibitions in my absence, till 1700.

I have entirely secured all my painting duty and every picture is profusely labeled and in fine condition for the exhibitions planned by Lieutenant Parsons. All painting gear and material is in hand and my paint box is packed and the overflow ready for stowing. I have expedited my required work on "Victory at Midway" and the publishers have been most helpful with this. There are only a few important details remaining which will require lay personal supervision for a few days, after which my wife will carry on to actual publication.

Commander Long is coming to my studio on Wednesday afternoon to talk over all plans for my duty in the combat area, which I look forward to with keen anticipation.

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