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War Around 
the World
Preparing to leave
Progress Report dated 
November 29, 1943

Nov 22 - 0900 Wrote report. Standing by for orders. 1750 Lieut. Parsons called from Washington to say that the orders had arrived from BuPers and that he would send them by registered mail immediately. Two advance copies of "The Navy at War" published by Wm. Morrow & Company arrived. I think it is an excellent job. Sorry I didn't see my biographical sketch, as it was apparently taken from an ancient "Who's Who in Art" rather than from the current "Who's Who".

Nov 23 - 0900 Talked to Commander Long by telephone in New York. 1000 to 90 Church Street to get last of seven shots. 1400 to Navy Magazine Section to meet Commander Long. He read a short article I wrote in connection with "Victory at Midway", to be used to plug the book in ay absence, which he OK'd. Commander Long passed on instructions from Captain Lovette and Commander Beecher and discussed my overseas duty until 1600.

Nov 24 - My orders for England arrived in 1050 mail. 1300 to 90 Church Street to report for transportation. Office says it will be about five days.

Nov 25 - Thanksgiving, Standing by for transportation.

Nov 26 - 0900 To Pier 92 NR, drew gas mask, helmet, pistol belt. First Aid kit and canteen. 1100 uptown, bought a duffle bag, got extra batteries for flashlight, etc. 1445 to bank to get letter of credit, travelers' checks and cash. Home at 1645. 2000 to 2300 stowing and packing.

Nov 27 - 1150 to 90 Church Street to get Annual Physical Examination. Passed with flying colors. To Transportation Office for extra copies of orders and to check on ship.

Nov 28 - Sunday. Dictated and typed this report. Packing gear.

Standing by for transportation.

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