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War Around 
the World
Preparing to leave
Progress Report dated 
November 22, 1943

Nov 15 - 0900 To 90 Church Street for inoculations. Long wait. All finished but one shot more, 133O to publishers with corrected page proof. 1530 to bed with strong reaction from typhus and cholera shots.

Nov 16 - 0900 Rereading page proof and started preparing article requested by the publishers to be used by them in relation to Victory at Midway in my absence. This is taken largely from lectures that I gave last winter and which were passed by our office, I shall bring a copy of this to Washington with me when I come down for orders. Till 1730.

Nov 18 - Finished typing article 1430 to publishers. 1530 to LIFE Magazine re preview of "Victory At Midway". 1615 to 1730 working at desk.

Nov 19 - 0900 to Brooklyn Navy Yard to go over USS BOISE at the request of one of her officers. 1200 checked back three copies of the manuscript against each other, seeing that added paragraphs and sentences were all the same and underlined in green. 1850 all manuscripts secured and carbon copy ready to take to Washington when I come.

Nov 20 - Standing by for orders.

Nov 21 - Sunday. Standing by for orders. Typed list of negatives of the reproductions of my paintings to bring to Commander Long in Washington, and list of suggested disposition of paintings for Lieut. Parsons. Commander C. C. Wood, newly appointed Assistant Naval Aide to the President, came in at 1730 to see my work.

I respectfully hope that my orders for the combat zone will arrive shortly from BuPers, as I was told to expect them on or about the 15th and I am most anxious to get to sea.

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